Gabe Gill – “The Perseids” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Quite frankly, looking at the current state of the music world, it can often feel as though the meaning and impact of a truly well-done music video is a lost art (with a few exceptions). Few and far in between are the videos that truly illustrate the feeling or mood of a song in its purest state, but when one does come around, it always deserves the highest of praise. Returning back to this rightful definition is Gabe Gill and his latest set of visuals for “The Perseids”.

Ranking amongst the most cinematic music videos I’ve seen in all of 2018, this release flawlessly takes hold of the illustrative capabilities of Gill’s music and puts it directly on the screen without losing any power in translation. The coloring is beautifully done, the scenery is near heavenly, and by using the beach as his canvas, Gabe Gill truly did his thing with this one. Not only does “The Perseids” act as a testament to the level of care that the rising talent puts into his visual work, but it also tells us just how dedicated he is to improvement and being the best artist he can possibly be. Gill is both a lesson and an inspiration, in this way.

That said, check out the video at the link below and keep an eye out for Carousel 2 soon!

Produced by GG and Tieren Costello
Mixed by Connor Barkhouse
Mastered by Rafael Moure
Video by Chase Buckley 


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