Yondrik – “Phase One” & “Hold It Down”

By: Seamus Fay

Especially in recent years, Connecticut has arisen as a stomping ground full of budding talent, so much so that it seems I’m finding a new CT native every single week that might just be up next. There truly exists no shortage of promising acts there, and today, we’re here to bring yet another one to the light in the form of Yondrik and his brand new 2-pack of singles, Phase One. If you’ve been reading Graduation Music for some time now, you might recall seeing the name Yondrik appear on our pages with the song “Titan” in past. If not, this is a perfect day to get hip to the rising talent as he surely proves his worth with these two heaters.

At face value, the appeal of both “Phase One” and “Hold It Down” arrives in the form of other-worldly instrumentals and bouncing flows that you simply have to click repeat on, again and again. Yondrik seemingly perfects the art of floating right on top of the beat, and by maintaining his relaxed cadences and smooth, effortless charisma, he attracts listeners without ever trying too hard. Yondrik is just that nice with it. That said, based on his latest release, I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this CT talent in the future, and you should, too. Get hip by clicking play on Phase One at the link below:

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