An Interview With Danny Diamonds

By: Seamus Fay

In all my time covering new music for Graduation Music, the artists that have always stuck with me most are those who never seem to compromise the quality of their music just to increase their output. These are the artists who seem to care most about their art, and naturally, by releasing only once in a while, they tend to make much more noise when a new song or project finally does come out. Such is the case with Massachusetts-based artist Danny Diamonds.

Diamonds has been on my radar for over a year now, and by staying true to himself in every sense of his artistry, it goes without saying that his stocks are rapidly rising. This budding talent has always been a Graduation Music favorite, so it only makes sense that we reached out to him for an interview. Read our conversation about Danny Diamonds’ beginnings, creative process, hair, and more below.

To start, where are you originally from? How did you start making music?

I grew up on the edge of Brookline/Allston, MA. One of my best friends in 5th grade started rapping and he got a lot of attention at school. I always thought I could do better than him, so that was kinda why I started writing music, to affirm myself.

What has been the proudest moment of your career as an artist as of yet?

Honestly, the completion of my song “The Fall” is up there as probably my proudest moment. I’ve never been so diligent with a song before, in writing or recording. Every lyric is such a clever bar (double, even triple meanings) and the background vocals are so dense and perfect. One of my favorite tracks that I’ve ever made for sure.

Who are three of your dream collaborations?

Medasin, Monte Booker, Snakehips.

Explain the creative process behind your latest EP, For The Record. How long has it been in the works and how did everything come together? What was your mindset while creating the project?

The theme of the EP was actually based around “Stuck” which was the first song I finished on the project maybe last December. The concept was to sort of make a collection of songs that were all about my romantic encounters with women, but from different chronological parts of the relationship. The writing of each song is in a different tone and describes a different situation but they are all based around that raw emotion that develops from investing a lot of time into someone whether it’s “I don’t give a fuck anymore” or “let’s figure this out”.

The project didn’t flow as cohesively as I had hoped so I decided to rename it as an EP. Now it’s more of a collection of what I’ve been working on as of late and really a statement about where I am as an artist + how much I’ve progressed in the past year. The theme is still somewhat there though.

We have to mention it — everyone loves the hair! It adds some individuality to your image. Who is an artist that you look up to in terms of the way they rock their own hair?

Thank you bro, I don’t really look up to anyone really for hairstyle. I’m honestly just feelin the long hair right now.

How and when did you and Chase Murphy meet? What made you decide to join forces and create Golden Boy Music Group?

I met Chase when I was a Sophomore in High School. We did a lil freestyle session at his crib the first time we chilled and he said he wanted to start recording my stuff at his place. We recorded a bunch of my old songs on his lil bedroom setup and became really close during that time.

One day I came to him with the idea for Golden Boy and he was invested immediately. I think GB really perfectly embodied what we both wanted to accomplish with our music overall, especially from the standpoint of being from Boston (a city not very well known for Hip-Hop). Our image plays into the branding really well too.

Lastly, what can fans expect from Danny Diamonds in the future? What can we expect from Golden Boy Music Group?

Now that the EP is out I want to really branch out with my music in terms of genre. Right now I’m focused on kinda pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I also want to get back to my electronic roots a little more — that was always my favorite type of instrumentation to write to.

Any fans of GBMG have a lot to look forward to! Chase has some really amazing music on the way and we’ve got a lot of shows planned in the upcoming months. Look out for that new Golden Boy merch and also a website that we’re hoping to launch before the year is out.

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