Gengis Don – “B4 (For Jobim)

By: Seamus Fay

For those who have been following Graduation Music for a minute now, the name Gengis Don should certainly seem recognizable, as we’ve covered this rising talent multiple times in the nearly two years of our site’s existence. However, for those who aren’t familiar, this is your lucky day as Don drops off his latest offering, “B4 (For Jobim)”. Purely instrumental, this beautiful song is meant to honor the Brazilian artist Antônio Carlos Jobim, doing so by way of sampled-production and a joyous mood.

With that said, Don puts his beats on SoundCloud quite often so any fans already know that he’s incredibly talented. Despite holding previous knowledge of his abilities, though, this song, in particular, still shocks me as a testament to how far he can take his artistry. Gengis Don is able to cover all bases and bring to fruition any vibe he feels like, and based on the crisp drumlines and hypnotic sample on “B4 (For Jobim)”, it goes without saying that he’s quite creative in the process.

This is yet another stellar beat to add to the rising talent’s collection, so honor Antônio Carlos Jobim, show some love to Gengis Don, and click play on “B4 (For Jobim)” at the link below!


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