Daily Discovery: Jack Karowak

By: Jake O’Brien

We can effectively say at Graduation Music that during our time exploring the vast universe of music which Soundcloud has become, we have discovered an immensely talented artist in Massachusetts native Jack Karowak. Rooted in the South Shore, Karowak has the overall potential to bend the music industry to his will; and turn his name into one that is echoed in households across the country. In regard to artistic capabilities, each track released by the South Shore musician comes with unrivaled rhythmic execution, a subtle vocal rasp, and a unique articulative presentation. Karowak’s distinct lyrical flow leaves his audience ultimately captivated, eagerly awaiting what the next line has to offer. Jack Karowak has impressed us in a way where we as listeners can only sit back and applaud his extremely high-level of songwriting.

As of today, the only music made public by Karowak are nine singles all located on Soundcloud. Recently, however, there have been many rumors referring to the possibility of a structured project or an album becoming available in the months to come. Without having the privilege of reviewing a larger body of work, our focus is on one of Jack’s most successful tracks titled “Home”. Not only is this the very first track posted to his Soundcloud profile, but “Home” also boasts the highest number of plays out of every song released by Karowak.

The Taylor King produced single is an emotionally unwound track, made purely for the purpose of relaxation. The opening lines of “Home” are essentially a confession of what it takes to be an aspiring musician in the world today, Karowak explains that “I been working, I ain’t making money / I got this passion they can’t take it from me.” With each spoken lyric coming like a wave washing over, Jack describes various life experiences as the hook approaches. “Home” did not attain a large amount of success by chance, as it is an impressively well put together track which is a must listen for anyone and everyone who enjoys new music.

Check back with us tomorrow for another artist we think you’d love, and in the meantime, be sure to listen to Jack Karowak on his Soundcloud account provided below.

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