Cave – “(Broken) Heart-Shaped Box”

By: Seamus Fay

In the nearly two years that Graduation Music has been in existence, I’ve come to realize that the best music always stems from genuine emotion and pure authenticity. One artist who truly exhibits each of these themes in his artistry is Cave. In every new release from the rising talent, he’s sure to update listeners on the status of his inner struggles, noting his strongest emotions with thoroughly-written verses and hooks. Today, we see this on display in Cave’s latest single, “(Broken) Heart-Shaped Box”.

Sampling the classic Nirvana song by the same name, this offering uses the deeply-ridden pain of the grunge guitar riffs to reflect the messages that Cave strives to deliver. Emotionally, be ensures that listeners are brought into his shoes, doing so by way of descriptive lyricism and a sense of engrained loneliness. It’s equally as honest as it is vivid, and overall, this song is just further proof of Cave’s undiluted artistic image. He translates emotion directly into his music without anything lost in translation, and we need to appreciate that.

Listen to “(Broken) Heart-Shaped box” at the link provided below!


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