Maka & Durkin – “Malie”

By: Seamus Fay

Looking back at the release of the Another Island EP (which, by the way, is one year old on August 31st), it truly goes without saying that Maka and Durkin possess a level of chemistry that can’t be imitated by just any two artists. They fuel one another with galvanizing energy and complementary styles, so much so that every song the duo releases feels effortless in every sense of the word. That being said, the two Massachusetts front-runners are taking the spotlights once again today to unveil their newest single, “Malie”.

Released via Fool’s Gold Records, this track finds itself weaving in and out of two different languages, all the while bringing forth an addictive supply of dance-worthy rhythms. Maka seemingly floats over the beat in both English and Tongan, and Durkin’s refreshing production reminds us of days at the beach in the dead of summer, with nothing on our minds. Needless to say, “Malie” paints a beautiful picture. And as if a stellar new single wasn’t enough, this track also arrives alongside the announcement of Maka and Durkin’s forthcoming Waterproof EP, due for release on September 12th. Prepare yourself for yet another incredible project and in the meantime, bump “Malie” as frequently as possible at the link below:


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