Code Green – “With Ease” ft. Lily Rayne

By: Seamus Fay

Every once in a while, during the daily scroll through my SoundCloud feed, I stumble upon a song that I end up listening to for the entire day, disregarding everything else I might have heard that morning. This is exactly what happened when I clicked play on “With Ease” by Code Green. Featuring fellow Rhode Island act, Lily Rayne, this song is a hit in every sense of the word, and by bringing forth an electrifying supply of energy, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that all of our readers can get down with this one.

Produced by Overdos, something about the melodic cadences in this one clashes against the atmospheric, other-worldly instrumental, and the result is a song of infectious, joyful glory. Lily Rayne absolutely destroys her guest spot while maintaining the same level of energy that Code Green sets the bar at, but the full power of this song is not felt until the chorus hits. It’s luxurious, it’s fun, it’s entertaining, and most of all, it’s insanely catchy.

That being said, check out the music video for this soon-to-be hit at the link provided below:

Directed by Ronald Jusayan

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