Connis – “Kiss The Moon”

By: Seamus Fay

Admittedly, we’re about a month late on this one, but nevertheless, when scrolling through my SoundCloud feed this morning, I was hipped to Cambridge native Connis’ latest offering, “Kiss The Moon”. Drenched in sun-soaked melodies and beautiful, heart-driven deliveries, this song is one of the most refreshing releases that I’ve heard in recent months. The focus is crystal clear, and backed by a truly gorgeous atmosphere of soft sounds and sharp drums, Connis lets loose one of his most honest lyrical performances to date. And it all functions as a whole perfectly.

At face value, the reason why this song feels so special is because you can hear Connis naturally finding his sonic sweet spot. With each successive release, he has channeled the music that’s really in his soul, and if “Kiss The Moon” isn’t proof that he has just about found himself musically, then I don’t know what is. Connis is the kind of artist that doesn’t come around too often, and his growth is a perfect testament to the idea of developing oneself and adapting until we find our purest form. It’s an inspiration for us all.

That said, “Kiss The Moon” is the song that I’ll always look back on as the one that really told me Connis is ready for big things, and I’ll never forget that. Listen at the link below:


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