Cam Meekins – “Big Joints”

By: Shamus Hill

Cam Meekins was one of the first artists I grew to love out of the Boston area. Collaborating with the likes of Cousin Stizz, Jefe Replay, and many more throughout his long tenure as an artist, he’s routinely been working his ass off to both develop his sound and bring a spotlight to our music scene. “Big Joints” is one of a handful of releases out of Cam this year, however, I must admit, this one is by far my favorite. Showcasing the fact that Boston possesses artists with immense levels of talent and dedication, “Big Joints” is yet another track that’ll raise the stocks for the rest of the artists in the area.

Off rip, whoever produced this track deserves a Gold Star at the very least. “Big Joints” sounds as if a perfect island day was somehow transformed into an instrumental, serving as the perfect soundtrack for the bit of Summer that we have left. The second the hook is introduced, there’s legitimately zero turning back. Since it’s release last week, I haven’t been able to get “I was smoking big joints / when you called me” out of my head, something that’ll make the late, great Young King Dave (Big Doinks in Amish dude) extremely pleased. Cam speaks on wanting the unnecessary stress to dissipate so that he can focus what truly matters in his life: creating an everlasting legacy through music. Encompassing a powerful message while simultaneously possessing an addictive, fun-fueled sound, “Big Joints” is easily one of my favorite Cam Meekins releases in the last few years.

The visuals for this track are already in the works, with one of the scenes consisting of Cam Meekins and Cousin Stizz naturally smoking a rather large joint. 2018 may be nearing its end, but the likes of Cam are living proof that there’s still work to be put in. I’m extremely pleased with “Big Joints” and I’m looking forward to what’s next to come from the Boston-native.

Listen to Cam Meekins’ “Big Joints” below:


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