Seuss – ‘Yung Bradlee’

By: Seamus Fay

When the name Seuss is mentioned, a few words come to mind: energetic, promising, talented, and most of all, authentic. He is unapologetically himself in every sense of the phrase, and for that, it comes as no surprise that Seuss has grown into an unbelievably talented artist seemingly right before our eyes. One single after another, it has been both an honor and a privilege to write about the rising talent’s music, and today, he brings these proud moments full circle with a spirited debut project, Yung Bradlee.

Described as a “fractal perspective on reality manifested by Young Seuss“, this 5-track offering takes us through a deep exploration of the mind behind so many wonderful moments and songs. Suess, despite his young age, has already established a reputation as a Boston legend in many ways, and he makes sure to bring this, as well as his animated personality, to fruition throughout each song featured on the tape. With only one production credit from Twayne The Kidd and the rest self-produced, all 5 cuts at hand are bangers in their own regards, so much so to the point where Seuss’ undiluted honesty clashes against the hard-nosed production in ways that spark the creation of numerous potential hits.

The momentum is clearly moving in favor of Boston’s own, so be sure to show some love and check out Yung Bradlee at the link provided below:


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