CountFOV – ‘Phase 1?’ [EP]

By: Shamus Hill 

CountFOV makes a triumphant return to the Graduation Music site, this time with an EP entitled Phase 1?. Featuring production at the hands of Loesoe and Bravestarr, CountFOV floats effortlessly over each instrumental, gifting listeners some pleasant bops for the end of the summer.

“Lonesome” is the first track on the EP, and it’s here where CountFOV establishes the feel for the entirety of the mini-project. Produced by Loesoe, this song is centered around being alone, yet not being saddened or bothered by it. CountFOV plans on doing him regardless of who’s surrounding him. He briefly touches upon the opposition, but doesn’t let any negativity derail his goals in life. Something we’ve all endured at one point or another, CountFOV wants to remind his listeners to stay on track, and not to get caught up in any bullshit.

“F.Y.G.” is the second track off of the EP, and also utilizes some Loesoe production. It’s here where CountFOV details his ideal girl, and how he won’t be letting anyone hold him back in life. He’s on a mission towards success and isn’t about to have anyone ruin all of the work that he’s put in.

Perhaps my favorite song off of Phase 1? is “Do The Most” which features Bravestarr production. Beginning with Bravestarr’s contribution to this track, “Do The Most” is incredibly pleasing, sonically-speaking. CountFOV comes in and it literally sounds like he’s bouncing on top of the beat, which, when combined with his addictive flows, makes for an absolute bop. For the most part, this track is based around CountFOV’s desire to have as much money as possible. Similar to the two prior tracks, he isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of him and his bag. Combining relatable topics and victorious production, CountFOV is not one to be messed with.

Listen to Phase 1? below:

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