[PREMIERE] Humbeats – ‘#FutureHumV3’

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, Randolph producer Humbeats is an absolute workaholic. With credits encapsulating a scope of artists including Millyz, Austin Fair, Blackheart, XNDRSOUND, and more, his production skills have become some of the most prominent in the state, and quite frankly, the stocks are only rising with each successive placement that he receives — a sure sign that Hum is on the road to big things. Today, we here at Graduation Music have the pleasure and privilege to introduce Humbeats’s latest beat tape, #FutureHumV3.

We have been covering songs produced by this promising talent since the very beginnings of our blog, and to see all the growth that Humbeats has undergone as well as being able to collaborate with him for a premiere is truly a full circle moment. That said, the Randolph native’s latest is a culmination of sounds that perfectly reflect this growth. He brings forth other-worldly melodies while supplying an additive of knocking kicks, rhythmic hi-hats and more, only to develop a futuristic soundscape that truly does reflect the presence of “Future Hum”.

That being said, if there’s anyone who is leading the charge of Massachusetts artists toward national recognition right now, its Humbeats, blessing everyone with the beat for their next hit song.

Listen to #FutureHumV3 at the link below and buy beats here!



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