Isaac Dunbar – “Suicide”

By: Seamus Fay

It comes as no secret by now that Massachusetts is home to an insane number of promising young talents. Naturally, these talents uncover themselves, one gem after another, and today, we’re here to assist in the process by bringing yet another rising artist to our pages in the form of Barnstable native Isaac Dunbar and his latest single, “Suicide”. I was originally put onto this standout track by way of the music discovery MVP, @gregisonfire, and ever since I took a deeper dive into Dunbar’s SoundCloud, it has become quite clear to me that this is no regular find — this kid is going to be a star.

That being said, the first remarkable fact about Dunbar is that he is only a freshman in high school. His potential and current quality of artistry range far, far beyond his years, and even so, Dunbar comes off as an incredibly mature songwriter and vocalist when he graces the mic. In the case of “Suicide”, he shows these skills through the lens of perspective, splitting the lyrics of the song into two sections: one told by the person who is killing themself, and one by the person who is convincing the other person not to.

These clashing points of view mesh together in a beautiful sonic atmosphere brought to fruition by relaxed drums and smooth, mesmerizing waves of melody — just the right place to find emotion in such serious context. That being said, the latest from Isaac Dunbar clearly shows us why he is about to be the next star out of Massachusetts. So don’t sleep, get hip by listening to “Suicide” at the link below and keep an eye out for the rising talent in the future!

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