Kadeem – “710AM” [Prod. VHS]

By: Seamus Fay

Okay, first things first, we need to admit that Kadeem is the perfect embodiment of how wonderful music can be when one values “quality over quantity”. His releases don’t come often, but when they finally do arrive, you can always count on the Mattapan talent to deliver something truly impressive in every aspect of artistry, and with that, it only makes sense why he is one of the most venerable acts in MA right now. That being said, just as he always seems to do, Kadeem is back on our pages today with a brief yet immaculate new video entitled “710AM”.

Produced by VHS, this short but sweet offering blesses us with about a minute and a half of dense, soulful instrumentation and vivid lyricism. We watch as Kadeem sits at the crib and prepares for his day, as hypnotic scenes enter and leave the screen with ambitious visual effect. The music is brought to an entirely new level of calmness and personality, and Kadeem is able to communicate so much in a minute and a half simply by keeping it real and making sure that the quality of the art comes first.

That said, to no surprise, Kadeem has dropped yet another magnificent offering, so be sure to click play on “710AM” at the link below:


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