Stefan – “Ahead Of You” ft. Kam Carter & “I’m Fly”

By: Seamus Fay

Just in time to end off the week on a high note, Brockton native Stefan is here on Graduation Music today to show us the fruits of his labor in recent months, dropping off two brand new singles entitled “Ahead Of You” and “I’m Fly”. As always seems to be the case, this rising talent shows great improvement with his two newest offerings, shedding a notable light on the way that he has honed in on his skills in order to find a signature sound. The sonic direction that we hear on these two singles seems to be the precursor to an incredibly bright future, and I hold no hesitation in saying that Stefan is something truly special.

With this, it’s also important to note the versatility shown between the two unique works. “Ahead Of You” finds its strength by way of a hypnotic world of airy, bubbling melodies, topped off with a perfectly-placed feature from Kam Carter. On the other side of things, taking to a groove-filled sound, “I’m Fly” seems to thrive when reinforced by the unforgettable baseline and Stefan’s undeniably alluring vocal talents. Both songs are produced by none other than Unicorn Waves, and all things considered, they provide ample reason as to why we need to watch out for Stefan in the future.

The Brockton native shows great promise with his “Ahead Of You” and “I’m Fly”, so click play at the link below and get hip!

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