Donald Grunge – “Guitar Grunge” [Prod. Maka]

By: Seamus Fay

Donald Grunge and Maka: two artists who have earned their statuses as front-runners in Massachusetts rap due to ample supplies of high-quality music and even more importantly, undying consistency. There exists a certain art to being authentic and never compromising one’s personality, and both Grunge and Maka seem to have it down to a science. That being said, in a collaboration that I didn’t see coming but am more than willing to embrace, this highly-talented duo is here to bless the world with a new single entitled “Guitar Grunge”.

The last time we heard this joining of forces was on the summer-minded offering, “Shade“. Both artists have seen immense growth since the release of their last collaborative effort, and “Guitar Grunge” shows just how much they have been able to hone in on their skills in the meantime. Fans hear energetic, almost sporadic displays of pure bliss and passion from Grunge, only to be complemented by the gorgeous, sun-soaked instrumental from Maka, as the two work off of one another’s skills with an unrivaled chemistry. Adding fuel to the fire, a hard-hitting drum pattern reinforces the bubbling melodies, and all in all, we receive a candidate for song of the summer from the two Graduation Music favorites.

That being said, show some love and click play on “Guitar Grunge” at the link below!


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