Andy Poorhol – ‘Ummm, The Mixtape’

By: Seamus Fay

For those who have been close attention to Graduation Music throughout the past few weeks, you’ve probably stumbled upon the name Andy Poorhol before. The last time we covered this rising talent was with his song “Mud Munkei“, which acted as a quick taste of what was to come in his forthcoming project. That being said, today, the wait for new Andy Poorhol is over, as he hits our pages once again to unleash a brand new, 9-track mixtape, Ummm, The Mixtape including features from Stefan, Kam Carter, and Benjy Ali.

“Mud Munkei” first caught my ear due to the lyrical skill and sky-high potential that Poorhol’s personality seemed to hold on the mic, and thankfully so, the full mixtape follows these positive attributes up perfectly. Listeners are blessed with 9 different reasons why the 508 native is slated to do some special things in the future, as his energetic deliveries and brutally honest charisma are nothing short of infectious. Ummm, The Mixtape is also an incredibly easy and entertaining listen, partially thanks to stellar production credits from Jerm Sherman, Mission, Trevor Powers, Joostan, MRCLFLR, Kendowray, and Benjy Ali.

That being said, check out Ummm, The Mixtape in all of its passionate glory at the link below!


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