Graduation Music’s Fresh Four

By: Seamus Fay

Thanks to a quick-filling submission email address as well as endless DMs, it seems like every day now we’re being put onto brand new talent from the Boston area that deserves shine on our website. It can be tough to keep up with, and especially recently, we’ve been receiving too much new heat to even keep an eye on.

That being said, in order to organize things and make sure that our readers are always seeing some of our favorite new artists, we put together a short compilation of our 4 most impressive recent submissions. Read all about it below and be on the lookout for more editions of Fresh Four in the future!

Andy Poorhol – “Mud Munkei” [Prod. Jerm Sherman]

The first of the bunch comes from Andy Poorhol, who just released a single entitled “Mud Munkei” that might even be better than his already-incredible rap name. Produced by Graduation Music favorite, Jerm Sherman, we just couldn’t pass up on the infectious nature of this one. Poorhol drops off a dense lyrical performance that remains untouched in its passionate deliverance of the truth, and all in all, “Mud Munkei” is a beautifully honest offering that everyone should hear.

– – – – –

Trey Moore – Things We Feel

Trey Moore is an unbelievably versatile artist that I had previously never heard of, but with his newest project, Things We Feel, there’s no skipping right over this special talent. The advanced artistry and sonically cohesive nature of his latest full-length piece is nothing short of remarkable, especially when complemented by the gracious sounds of his groove-filled beats. Add all of this to an infectious voice, and you have a gorgeous style that marks Trey Moore as an artist to look out for in the future.

– – – – –

A.B. Soarin x FreshFromDE x MizzotheO – “All There” [Prod. Jus Clide]

Coming straight off of The Leftovers mixtape, the song “All There” from A.B. Soarin and FreshFromDE supplies us with a well-deserved collaboration between the dynamic duo and Boston artist MizzotheO. Each artist clearly feeds off the energy of one another on this banger of an offering, and the hard-hitting yet soulful production from Jus Clide ties the loose ends and brings this one to the next level. We hear lyrics about ambition and hustle coexist in one, well-executed atmosphere, only to be marked as a banger by the exuberant deliveries showcased during the hook.

– – – – –

Trezavelii – One Way Ticket

We’ve covered Trezavelii on our pages before, and it seems like every time I hear his latest music I’m simply blown away by the growth he has undergone as an artist. On the Boston talent’s latest 5-track mini project, One Way Ticket, he shows off an arsenal of tightly wound flows and lyrical prowess, all of which never cease to impress. The brutally honest aspect of this release shows fans the life that the young talent lives without any sort of filter, and the hunger that Trezavelii delivers when on the mic remains unmatched. Don’t sleep on this gem of a tape.

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