[PREMIERE] Haasan Barclay – “Secret Tape” [Short Film]

By: Seamus Fay

Simply put, Haasan Barclay’s artistry is a difficult entity to define. Trying to encapsulate the wide range of skills that he holds is nearly impossible, and quite honestly, attempting to put such a special skill set in any sort of box comes across as arrogant towards the immense creativity that goes into his work. Barclay’s latest, proudly premiered by Graduation Music, puts a magnifying glass on the talents and artistic ambition I speak of, fitting it all into one, beautifully unique short fashion film, Secret Tape.

And trust me — although the Mattapan native has appeared on our pages a handful of times in the past, I hold the utmost confidence in saying that this might be one of his finest works of art to date.

That being said, Secret Tape acts as a deeper look into the eclectic feel and brilliant soundscape of Barclay’s most recent EP, 800 Fantasy Lane. The celestial sounds and feverish energy are brought to visual fruition by way of leather outfits, bold chains, and even some birthday cake, as the rising talent displays the deep layers of raw emotion that arise beneath the lines of his music. Seeing such an explorative stylistic venture turn into a film that explains the magnificent, imaginative world of Haasan Barclay is nothing short of impressive, and with this one, we receive abundant reason as to why he’s one of the most sought-after talents in Massachusetts right now.

Haasan Barclay is unapologetically himself in an inspiring way, and Secret Tape is the perfect proof. Click play at the link below and get lost in the hypnotic sounds and sights that 800 Fantasy Lane creates so effortlessly.

Directed by J R Alexander, Haasan Barclay & Liv Slaughter
Styling by Pat Peltier & 2StyleCrew
Makeup by Saturn
Animation by Rasheed Lapointe 3D
Photography by Craig Parker
Music by Haasan Barclay

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