Mizzie Cash – “Be Like That”

By: Seamus Fay

It’s a known fact within Boston by now that Mizzie Cash is steadily becoming the next star out of the city. Despite being one of the youngest upcoming artists in the area, Mizzie’s determination and ambitious mentality mark him as dead set on success, and right before our eyes, the hard work is starting to pay off. Today, this sentiment is continued with yet another new banger from the Boston native appropriately titled, “Be Like That”.

As the name entails, this song shows us Mizzie Cash’s unapologetic personality. He tells it like it is, he doesn’t sugarcoat the world around him, and such unwavering honesty has clearly done Mizzie a solid in making him the artist he is today. Only adding to the prowess on display here, “Be Like That” is also characterized by a soulful, piano-led instrumental that emphasizes the passion contained within Mizzie’s deliveries. He’s “gotta get it by any means”, and nothing is going to get in the way of that.

Follow Mizzie Cash on his way to the top and click play on “Be Like That” at the link provided below!


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