Gabe Gill – ‘Carousel’ [Album]

By: Seamus Fay

These days, few and far in between are the artists that show their prowess through mixtapes and albums. Rather, there tends to be an emphasis on the output of rapidly-concocted singles, just waiting for one to go “viral” and do fairly impressive streaming numbers, deeming it noteworthy of buzz. On the other side of things lies Gabe Gill – an artist who brings his entire self to the spotlight with his stellar new album, CAROUSEL. It tells the full story without compromising quality for quantity or any viral numbers, and in such a way, this is one of the most fulfilling projects for me to listen to in recent memory.

At face value, Gill’s unwavering determination toward portraying his life and emotion without a filter is perfectly refreshing. The sonic environments in which he chooses to pour his heart out make for atmospheric bouts of pure passion, and these are reinforced by his alluring vocal talents. Gill’s style can best be described as liberating, as he points to his pains and his joys with equal credit toward what made him the person he is today. CAROUSEL is perfectly comfortable in its own, eclectic skin, and thankfully so.

Show some love to Gabe Gill and check out his album at the link below:

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