MyCompiledThoughts – “Watching”

By: Seamus Fay

Since the beginnings of Graduation Music, MyCompiledThoughts has always stood out as one of the most impressive artists in Boston, mostly due to the way that he depicts such accurate, painfully honest moments of emotion, good or bad. This trait has made cause for a comprehensive catalog of authenticity and unwavering passion, and today, Thoughts is back on Grad Music to maintain this streak with a new single, “Watching”.

Stepping further into this one, I want to draw attention towards two main aspects of the music. The first, Thoughts has found his sweet spot, sonically, and “Watching” is, in every way, a manifestation of this nearly perfected atmosphere of sound. The complementary tones of voice show us his level of comfortability, and as a fan, this is an incredible sight to see in regards to the progression of Thoughts as an artist.

The second trait worth paying attention to is the inspiration behind the emotion of this track, which takes precedence over any explanation that my words could offer. Via Twitter, Thoughts noted the following:

These last few weeks have been a trying period in my life. Today I’m dropping a track about watching all the beautiful pain and misery we go through in this journey called life. “Nothings ever promised tomorrow or today”.


Cover Art Meaning: “Inspiration” Recently I’ve been feeling death. As time goes by death creeps closer to us all. I feel like were all responding with various emotions ranging from. Sadness to Madness and all we can do is watch as it all goes by.

And there you have it. “Watching” comes from a genuine place of artful emotion, and MyCompiledThoughts proves his unbelievable skills in being able to communicate this emotion to listeners.

Click play at the link provided below!


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