Blackheart – “WOE” [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Brockton is currently home to a hotbed of promising talents, and it seems as if every successive week I end up getting hip to yet another new artist from the area. Today, this new artist arrives by the name of Blackheart, with his brand new, 10-track project, WOE, produced by Humbeats & JGONTHEKEYS. And although this may be his Graduation Music debut, I hold no hesitation in saying that Blackheart’s clear creative vision and spotless execution of this vision mark him not so much as a newcomer, but more so as an experienced talent, ready to work towards the top.

That being said, the latest full-length release from the Brockton native acts as a clear testament toward the unwavering ambition that he feels as an artist. Each song on this one possesses an inspiring amount of pure desire to get better and achieve his dreams, and the sound of the music matches right along. Dramatic, crashing drums clash against motivated melodies to mark all 10 tracks as bangers in their own respects, and Blackheart’s looming vocals seemingly boil with passion for the lyrics he’s saying. Top this all off with the burgeoning force of all these elements added together, and you have a hell of a mixtape that everyone needs to give a listen to.

Check out WOE at the link below!


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