Connis ft. Rothstein – “Rude” [Prod. Yang]

By: Shamus Hill 

Connis is here today on Graduation Music with the second single off of his upcoming project, Conn(is), due for release this August. With this, alongside fellow Cambridge native Rothstein, the two standout acts combine forces to gift fans an undoubtedly wonderful record with their new song, “Rude” produced by Yang.

Circulating around romantic complications, “Rude” serves as Connis’ moment to get some things off of his mind. Emotional outbursts, miscommunication, and the desire to grow with someone you genuinely care about are a few of the themes prevalent throughout this track, all of which are communicated in an artful, alluring way. The feature from Rothstein works in a similar way, offering a straight-up addictive, melodic sound that takes this dope record and makes it that much better.

As I listen through Connis’ discography, it’s easy to note the high level of talent he possesses, and no matter what the subject may be, you can rest assured that the Cambridge native will deliver a high-quality song. Rothstein works just as efficiently, offering reason as to why he has skyrocketed into the position of one of my favorite artists in Massachusetts.

With that being said, these two Cambridge representatives are truly putting on for their hometown in a venerable light. Get ready for Conn(is) this August and also keep an eye out for Rothstein’s forthcoming effort, HIGH WATER.

Listen to “Rude” below:


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