Rob Valentine – “Free Fall” [Prod. MLJ]

By: Seamus Fay

Quite possibly the best part of my job writing for Graduation Music is finding out about new, fairly undiscovered talents that aren’t receiving the shine they deserve quite yet. This leads to perfect opportunities to assist the artists and put their music on our pages, and today, we offer our readers yet another gem of a find with Boston-based act, Rob Valentine. Sent to me by none other than @gregisonfire, Valentine is here to make his Graduation Music debut by way of his new single, “Free Fall” — and trust me, if there’s any way for him to make an impactful entrance into the ears of potential fans, this song will certainly do the trick.

The main reason that caused “Free Fall” to strike me as a special release was the way that each element is assembled together in such a seamless manner. Not only do the bellowing vocals lightly graze right alongside stellar production from MLJ, but lyrically, this piece lets out true emotion without ever losing the attention of the listener. Maintaining this natural capability as an entertainer will certainly do Rob Valentine well in the future, and this song is the perfect example of just how well he is able to effectively bring to fruition a piece that impresses both lyrically and sonically.

I could go on about this one all day, but be sure to click play on”Free Fall” at the link below and get hip to Rob Valentine’s deep arsenal of talent!


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