Mike Manor Pixelates Meltycanon’s “High Octane Freestyle”

By: Seamus Fay

The real artistic power behind a music video is best seen when it truly enhances the sound and feel of a given song, album, etc. Not many acts have been able to master this art form in such a way, but when the right visuals come along, it’s clearly apparent to everyone who sees, making for a beautiful release through and through. That being said, just the other day, thanks to the music discovery mayor of Massachusetts, @gregisonfire, I was linked to the pixelated magic of Boston-bred creative, Mike Manor, and his new animation of Meltycanon’s “High Octane Freestyle”.

Personally, I’m a huge Meltycanon fan even before any visual companions, but with the spot-on coloring and mood that this short video brings to fruition, you can’t help but appreciate the incredible work that Manor put in. His bright world of sparkling characters even accounts for the fellow members of Awful Records which you can see partying all around their house, and there is no denying that this makes “High Octane Freestyle” an even more enjoyable listen than it already was. Mike Manor is an incredibly talented individual, so show his art some love and check him out on Twitter at the link below!


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