Nick Gray – “Dark Days”

By: Seamus Fay

The sun always shines a little bit brighter when Boston artist Nick Gray blesses the world with new music. Today, continuing the absolute hot streak of songs that the rising talent has unleashed in the past few months, we receive Gray’s newest effort, “Dark Days”. And trust me – for anyone who is on their way to a full-blown glo-up in any sense of the word, this song should act as the soundtrack to such a triumphant moment. Nick Gray is past the darkness of the past and onto brighter, better, and bigger things, just as we should all be.

Produced by SonoBeats, the way that “Dark Days” communicates such a strong message while simultaneously making sure it comes across in a memorable, catchy way, is through the lens of a bouncing instrumental that has the power to electrify any listener. The beat fits Gray’s lyrical and vocal strengths with perfect precision, and by bringing such unique elements of the track together in perfect unity, we have received yet another anthem to add to our playlists this summer. The dark days are officially behind us.

Embrace Nick Gray’s impressive return to the spotlight and give “Dark Days” a listen at the link below:


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