Bouvé – “Trust Issues” [Prod. Rocktee]

By: Seamus Fay

Few artists match the level of consistency that Bouvé brings to the table and with that, it only makes sense why he is one of MA’s most promising young artists to come to the spotlight in recent years. Today, adding to the numerous times he has appeared on our pages with new music, Bouvé is back yet again to bless the music world with his newest single, “Trust Issues”. And in all honesty, pertaining to the execution of creative vision as well as having a clear creative vision in the first place, this song is all the proof we need to make the claim that Bouvé’s got next. Seriously.

Produced by Rocktee, “Trust Issues” follows the stage set by its title wonderfully, as lines of triumph, ambition, and a lack of trust clash against one another to form a comprehensive piece, overall. Bouvé is determined to find success through music, all the while trying to brush off any drama that comes with his ascent towards the top. He brings to fruition these themes with a skillful pen, and by basing his emotional lyricism on catchy cadences that any listener can get behind, “Trust Issues” becomes an easy track to throw on repeat all summer long.

Bouvé’s latest is one of his finest works of art to date, so be sure to click play at the link below:


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