TheHeartBreakKid – “How You Do That” [Prod. OakerDidIt]

By: Seamus Fay

Arriving to our pages from Fall River, we have yet another Graduation Music debut to unveil to our readers this week – the newest of the bunch coming in the form of TheHeartBreakKid and his single, “How You Do That”. I stumbled upon this one digging through random SoundCloud accounts just a few days back, and the second I heard the hypnotic production courtesy of OakerDidIt, I knew that HeartBreak and his infectious style were nothing to look right over.

At its core, “How You Do That” is the definition of how one should flex. Bar after bar, we hear the young talent bring forth scenes of luxurious occurences and tunnel-visioned tales of material success, but by maintaining a constant flow that seems to ride right along the relentless energy of the instrumental, this track seems to work as a banger on a few different levels. TheHeartBreakKid locates his strengths and is quick to highlight them to an emphatic extent without ever tripping over himself and losing the consistency that makes the song flow so smoothly. His rhymes are sharp, and all things considered, Fall River has something special on its hands.

Stay tuned for what this rising talent has in store and listen to “How You Do That” at the link below:


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