Kadeem & $lumLord – “Unrivaled”

By: Seamus Fay

The Game Is The Game is quickly approaching (due for release later today) and $lumLord and Kadeem are already showing signs the slow-burning magic that they have been working on in recent months. In order to take this one a step back, however, we need to look at the reputation that Kadeem has built as an artist within the Boston area. Kadeem is where you go to when you want lyricism, soul, or better yet, a perfect concoction of both. His instrumentals and confident, yet sly bars seep into the ear and leave without causing a scene, resulting in some of the most tightly-wound, let-the-music-speak-for-itself kinds of verses. Today, all of this comes to the spotlight with Kadeem’s new single, “Unrivaled”.

Set to the calming sounds of a hazy, soulful instrumental courtesy of $lumLord, this track immediately takes off as a storytelling gem. As the title of the mixtape denotes, “the game is the game” and what will happen, will, without a doubt, happen. Kadeem has not only observed this, but embraced it, taking into account the world and the good and bad qualities around him before carefully crafting every verse. His lyrics are dense and the song moves quickly, but listeners are left hypnotized within this array of utter authenticity from the Mattapan native. “Unrivaled” is a smooth lead into what will undoubtedly mark itself as one of the best Boston-bred projects to come out of 2018, and personally, with this track as the benchmark, I can’t wait for what we’re about to hear.

Get ready for The Game Is The Game by listening to the newest single from Kadeem and $lumLord at the link below:


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