GoGo – “King of the Jungle”

By: Mal Pearson

This morning Cambridge artist GoGo dropped the first single from his upcoming project Good Energy. The single “King of the Jungle” is a four-minute bounce that opens with dialogue pulled from the 1951 film Bride of the Gorilla. Gogo is melodic, as he hums on the self-produced instrumental with the type of effortlessness similar to Kid Cudi. Where the track stands out is it’s repetitive and catchy lyrics.

I smoke the fonto, I feel it burning my nostrils
Kick in the front door
Now I’m standing tall like Mutombo
You gotta get right
Before you get left

Gogo is having fun here and he’s doing it well. “King of the Jungle” is something light and catchy for the upcoming Summer. With that said, expect more from the Cambridge-based artist in the near future and listen to his newest offering at the link below:

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