OG Swaggerdick – “Lil Booties Matter” [Prod. Tee-WaTT & M. Ali]

By: Seamus Fay

Hands down, OG Swaggerdick is the undying voice of our generation. His relentless proclamations of the truth never fail to resonate with the people in their hearts and in their souls, and today, he maintains this status with a brand new single entitled “Lil Booties Matter”. It’s the anthem we didn’t know we needed, and if there’s anyone that’s going to bring such an important sentiment to the light, it’s going to be OG Swaggerdick, in a manner equally as serious as it is entertaining. That being said, pay attention as we unravel this one a bit further.

Produced by Tee-WaTT and M. Ali, this song is hypnotic look into the wonderful mind of such a charismatic character of an artist. The beat takes us into a sparkling, upbeat world of sound where lil booties most certainly matter, and as weird as it may seem, instrumentals such as this one are where OG does his finest work, in my opinion. He’s a natural entertainer in every sense of the word, and keeping it exciting with every successive bar on this release, fans are never left without a brand new quotable to hold on to. That being said, get in tune with current events and pay attention to the newest, groundbreaking offering from OG Swaggerdick.

Listen to “Lil Booties Matter” at the link below:


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