Michael Christmas – “Ball” [Prod. Thelonious Martin & Aniko Thomas]

By: Seamus Fay

Just a few weeks removed from the release of his warm-weathered anthem “Girlfriend” (which remains in heavy rotation on my personal playlist), Michael Christmas is back yet again on our pages with a brand new single, “Ball”, from his forthcoming LP, Role Model due for release June 22nd via Fool’s Gold. It’s the soundtrack to any glo-up, it’s an anthemic offering for everyone out there putting in work this summer, and above all, it’s a toast to the success that Christmas has seen as well as the success that he will see in the near future. As seen on the cover, this Boston native isn’t playing any games – he’s bringing the Jordan mentality to music, and by the sounds of the past few singles, it’s playing out wonderfully.

That being said, with production from Thelonious Martin and Aniko Thomas, this soulful take on success hits home for any listener out there with a dream. The melodies intertwine to present a hearty helping of authenticity and passion, only to be topped off with a jab at the Lakers (aside from a few select talents) whilst we continue to watch the Celtics roll through the playoffs. The weather is getting warmer, all is right in the world of Michael Christmas, and if I had to guess, this album will undoubtedly be his most accomplished work to date. Boston has a hell of a role model in our hands, so listen up, get inspired by his teachings, and most importantly, prepare yourself for a new project June 22nd.

Click play on “Ball” at the link below:

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