An Interview With Mizzie Cash

By: Seamus Fay

Staking claim to a spot in Boston’s rapidly-growing music community is no simple feat right now, and yet, by way of genuine hard work, a knack for crafting hits, and of course, an abundance of raw talent, Mizzie Cash has done so in an effortless manner. As one of the youngest talents coming out of the area, age seems to be ineffective in intimidating or limiting his ability – just one of the many factors that set him apart from the crowd without ever doing so in an ingenuine way.

Adding to this, Cash’s honest accounts of life and relentless professions of hustling are nothing to walk right over, as every verse is built on the foundation of uncompromised honesty. His flows and infectious choices of production only help out this cause, and deservedly so, Mizzie Cash might just be the next big name out of Boston for all of these reasons and more.

That being said, we here at Graduation Music had to get him on the site for an interview on Mizzie’s upbringing, Boston, his age, life goals, and much more. Read the conversation below.

Which part of Boston are you originally from and what was your childhood like?

[I’m from] Mattapan. My childhood was different, my mother raised me with help of my grandparents who lived in Milton.

How has growing up in Boston influenced your music, especially with the city’s current status as having a lesser known rap community?

I listen to a lot of Boston artists, currently. The streets have a culture, just no industry. My uncles rapped, my cousins, and etc, so Boston rap always been a thing to me.

I feel like we have our own sound, own lingo, and more. If you’re listening to the real artists, you’re gonna realize easily.

At what age did you become interested in music, and how / when did you start making music yourself?

8 to 9 years old. I started recording music very young, making my own studio with my lil cousin but it didn’t last too long. I always wrote music, though.

I just started making music in a serious mode ever since my bros got locked up, so about 2 years.

Your style seems to hold a heavy focus on the real-life situations that you face as well as the desire to get out of some of those situations and make it out of Boston. How do you go about turning your real life events into songs? What is the creative process like?

I try to make music for me and my friends, originally. Most of my raps are just memories or what I’m going through, but I make sure I don’t go too deep because I’m going through shit right now I can’t talk about & I probably won’t rap about until years later.

Who do you look up to as an artist?

I don’t look up to anyone, I’m only influenced by 2Pac, though, if that makes sense.

Currently, you’re one of the youngest artists coming out of the area in rap. How old are you and do you feel that your age affects your music at all?

I feel like Mass needs the youth – we gonna really speak what’s going on out here. Every other city got that youngin to speak for the youth.

What is your favorite movie?

Life, Blue Hill Ave, and Menace II Society.

DJ Nick has premiered a few of your releases. How did you originally link up with him and when did you two start working together?

That was through my manager Scoobz, shout out to him for that.

What are three of your life goals?

  1. Make it in rap
  2. Use rap to have a voice in the world
  3. Change the world

Lastly, what can fans expect from Mizzie Cash in the near future?

Expect for me to go harder because honestly, I didn’t even start yet.

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