TeaMarrr – “The One”

By: Seamus Fay

The best music is always the music that can paint a vivid picture in the listener’s head, capturing a certain scene or sequence of events that come to life once the listener is fully engaged in the listening experience. This very concept is one of the biggest strengths in the case of Massachusetts-based singer, TeaMarrr. Her music is illustrative to put it simply, creating worlds with her songs while capturing very specific moods and aesthetics along the way. That being said, TeaMarrr is back on our pages today to bless the world with her brand new video for the Thanks For The Chapstick standout, “The One”.

Shot by BT Livin, this cinematic display of TeaMarrr’s wide variety of talents breathes new life into the sound of her music. In the music video, we watch the singer take her own process in discovering who “the one” is, traveling through a set of disappointments and edits to her appearance in the pursuit of discovering her own partner. The music follows right behind with seamless, bellowing melodies and well-placed drums to match, and all in all, this is a standout release in regards to both audio and visuals. TeaMarrr’s artistic vision is second to none, so show her some well-deserved love on her latest offering.

Watch “The One” at the link below:


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