Maye Star – ‘MAYEDAY 2012’ [Mixtape]

By: Seamus Fay

Anyone who has been reading Graduation Music for some time now recognizes that Maye Star is one of Roxbury’s finest talents right now. His skillful vocal deliveries and refined artistry are just two of the features that make him a special artist, and as we await Star’s forthcoming project, Super Moon, due for release next month, he is here to provide us with something to help with the wait: a mixtape titled MAYEDAY 2012. As noted in the description on SoundCloud, Star wrote:

A mixtape by Maye Star recorded between 2011/2012! I present ‘Mayeday’ 16 years of age, this was my freshman mixtape! I quickly deleted it because I was going through so much and felt like I couldn’t give it the time like I put into it. Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that the songs make more sense to my current life VS. how it did back then. Especially on songs such as ‘Living Life!’ I’m excited for it to re-surface. A lot of passion and relevant topics touched on on this project. I want these songs to last my whole career.

In all honesty, I can say that this release is something special for anyone who has been hip to Maye Star for more than just a few months. We’ve seen him grow both as an individual and as an artist, and in doing so, he has achieved a level of determination and ambition that anyone can learn from. This surprise project takes us right back to his roots as an entertainer to show us where he came from, and thankfully so.

Listen to MAYEDAY 2012 at the link below!


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