Tashawn Taylor – ‘Women Make Me Strong’ [EP]

By: Seamus Fay

Hailing from Cambridge, MA, an artist by the name of Tashawn Taylor is here to make his Graduation Music debut today with a brand new EP entitled Women Make Me Strong. Just 3 tracks long, this release acts as the perfect introduction to an incredibly solid young talent, shedding a well-deserved light on the women in his life while also showcasing the wide array of skills that he possesses. That being said, I highly recommend paying attention to this one, so be sure to stay tuned in as we delve deeper into the project below.

At its very core, the element of this EP that first caught my attention was the refined artistry that Taylor holds with such an effortless approach. Each of the three songs feels as if there was ample thought and care put in, and in an age where quantity can sometimes blur the importance of quality, I believe that any listener will appreciate the work that this rising talent put in. Beyond technical skill, however, it’s also important that we note the importance of the premise of this tape – women. Not often do we hear such thoughtful music dedicated to women, and it’s a refreshing sentiment to hear Taylor pay a well-deserved tribute to some of the most important people in all of our lives.

Listen to Women Make Me Strong at the link below and keep an eye on Tashawn Taylor heading into the future!


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