Bouve – “Not Worried” [Prod. CashMoneyAP]

By: Seamus Fay

Looking at the full scope of Bouve’s catalog, it’s truly incredible to see how many potential hits he has dropped off in recent times, all the while maintaining an incredibly high level of quality and becoming one of MA’s most promising young talents. That being said, he has been featured on Graduation Music numerous times, and today, he’s here to add to the list with a brand new single entitled “Not Worried”. As always seems to be the case, this is the perfect soundtrack to the warm weather on the way, so embrace the mood and make sure you pay attention as we look further into the newest from Bouve.

Produced by CashMoneyAP, you already know that this song goes hard before clicking the play button. The weaving melodies and hard-hitting drums clash wonderfully against Bouve’s carefree, infectious vocals, and in essence, this is an anthemic offering that truly has the potential to be the soundtrack to anyone’s summer soundtrack. With this, there’s really no telling just how high Bouve is about to rise in 2018, as he has already provided ample evidence as to why he could be the next star out of Massachusetts.

Regardless, listen to “Not Worried” below and play this one loud as we enjoy the warm weather.


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