Michael Christmas – “Girlfriend”

By: Seamus Fay

You may have heard this song in snippets and previews via social media throughout the past few months, but today, Michael Christmas is finally here with the finished product of his long-awaited single, “Girlfriend”. This track acts as the lead single off of his forthcoming EP, and in all of its bubbling energy and alluring sounds, I can safely say that we could very well be gearing up to hear some of the Boston native’s finest work to date. That being said, let’s delve further into this song as well as its cameo-filled visual companion.

Produced by none other than Meltycanon, “Girlfriend” is the perfect collaboration at face value. Both artists’ sounds match up to a point of unrivaled chemistry, complementing one another within the song as their styles grapple onto the same channel of energy for the perfect banger. Aside from all of this, Christmas also shows us the multitalented artistry that he holds, also releasing a music video for the song which he directed and wrote himself (with direction help from Nathan Smith). The visuals include appearances from Orlando Jones, Ron Funches, Muyi and Nomz of the SuperSmashBroz, and more. And beyond all of this, as the cherry on top, Christmas just signed to Fool’s Gold Records where he will release his forthcoming EP.

So yes, the stocks are rising, the weather is getting warmer, the album is on the way, and all seems right in the world of Michael Christmas. Watch “Girlfriend” at the link below and stream the song here!


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