FABZ Above – “Weight…Wait” & “Grace”

By: Seamus Fay

If there’s one artist that has been thriving and improving with every successive release as of late, it’s none other than FABZ Above. His unstoppable, thunderous style and unwavering charisma have provided for a number of standout bangers in the past, and today, Fabz adds to the list with two brand new tracks titled “Weight…Wait” and “Grace”. Both produced by frequent collaborator David Walker, these are the perfect releases to continue Fabz’ path towards the top, so don’t miss out as we delve further into each one.

Garnering energy is what we have come to know and love FABZ Above for in the past. He provides excitement without ever getting overly ambitious, and in this way, has nearly mastered the skill of being a natural entertainer. Match the showcases of these innate talents, and you end up with two songs that any fan of rap can find something they enjoy in – not to mention the fact that Walker and Fabz hold a certain artist-producer chemistry that very few others can obtain to such an emphatic extent.

That being said, be sure to check out both tracks below as we watch FABZ Above show the city why he has next!

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