Pistola – “Fiji” [Music Video]

By: Seamus Fay

Don’t underestimate the power of Pistola, Mike Hector, and Xandros. With Stola on the mic, Hector on the boards, and Xandros behind the visuals, there is no way to lose in this joining of forces, with the latest music video for “Fiji” to back the claim. Premiered by No Jumper, this video is a physical testament to the unstoppable growth of Pistola and his inimitable wave, and I don’t recommend passing up on this one for any reason. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the greatness of the man who may very well be the next star out of Boston.

At its core, these visuals uncover the hypnotic powers of coloring when it comes to illustrating the feeling that a song yields. We see cinematic scenes of Stola and his crew in a number of different backgrounds, all of which use vibrant colors and effects to emphasize their superpower capabilities as a whole. This may take precedence when writing about the release of the music video and not the song itself, but beyond the visual offering, we need to take a moment of appreciation for the song itself. “Fiji” is one of many anthems in Pistola’s deep catalog, and personally, one of my favorites.

That being said, Pistola’s latest visuals at the link below:

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