Chase Murphy – “No Mo”

By: Seamus Fay

The weather is getting warmer, we’re all piecing together our spring and summer playlists, and Chase Murphy is here to take over. Today, he hits Graduation Music with a refreshing new offering entitled “No Mo” produced by Origami. And if you weren’t already convinced that this kid is going to be a star one day, well, I wholeheartedly believe that this is the track that will officially change your mind. That being said, let’s explore further into it.

In terms of sound, “No Mo” takes to a dance-inspired beat to channel its bubbling energy. As the Boston native bounces over these rhythms with an equal hand of both skill and excitement, he delivers line after line of anthemic lyricism, and once married with the sleek background melodies, this song becomes an undeniable hit. It is, in every way, a snapshot of the ambition that stems off of the warm weather. As such, I’ll be keeping “No Mo” on heavy repeat for the weeks and months to come, and you should, too.

Listen to Chase Murphy’s latest at the link below:

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