StupidGenius – “Sincerely, For Jalen”

By: Seamus Fay

As some of you may know, Lowell lost a legend recently with the incredibly unfortunate death of Billy Gilmore – a man who, in my time knowing him, couldn’t have been a better leader and role model for those around him. Not only was he an icon in his city and a true role model within the community, but his impact in the lives of so many is a sentiment that deserves full recognition and simply cannot be understated in all of its priceless worth. In light of his death, Gilmore leaves behind his kids and more specifically, his son, Jalen – a constantly smiling, ambitious, hardworking young man that deserves nothing but the best in this world in memory of his father.

Lowell natives StupidGenius decided to honor Gilmore and his son with their new project, Sincerely, For Jalen. 4 tracks long, this is a testament to the power of a legacy as well as the traits and lifestyles that form one. It’s a beautiful standpoint of life and death in a sentimental perspective, and a valuable listen whether you knew Gilmore or not. I’ll leave it there and let the music speak for itself, so listen to Sincerely, For Jalen at the link below!


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