Saint Lyor – “Zombie!” [Prod. Jerm Sherman]

By: Seamus Fay

First, Brockton is a hotbed of budding talent and there’s no denying at this point. Second, Saint Lyor and Jerm Sherman together is a guaranteed banger whenever they join forces on a song. Both of these elements that help define Saint Lyor are on full display in his new single, “Zombie!”, and in every aspect of this track, it’s a release that you won’t want to miss out on. Saint Lyor knows his talent and he recognizes the excitement behind his career with “Zombie!” to act as confirmation.

As mentioned previously, this loose offering takes to production from Jerm Sherman, utilizing an atmospheric background as Lyor strikes right through its center with confident charisma. Hearing these two elements come together in such a contrasted light is certainly something special, and it only follows that Saint Lyor’s artistry is becoming increasingly polished with each successive release. Brockton’s stocks are rising, and so are his, at a rapid rate.

That being said, be sure to give “Zombie!” a listen at the link below:


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