KH Lyor – “Smoke At The Party”

By: Seamus Fay

Here to start your week off on the right note, KH Lyor just released a brand new single titled “Smoke At The Party” that you need to listen to. For background, you may know Lyor and a few of his Khrome Heartz partners and their extensive work in the fashion world. Beyond this, however, these multitalented creatives can clearly excel in any medium they choose, with this song as the perfect proof.

Produced by SpliffEastwood, “Smoke At The Party” is an anthemic look into nightlife that anyone can latch onto. Its melodic, hazy sound pushes up against Lyor’s vocals, and in a conjoining of two complementary forces, a standout song is created in the process. Aside from this, “Smoke At The Party” may be a loose release on SoundCloud, but that’s not to say that KH Lyor could definitely be onto something as time goes on considering the talent and personality that he holds in such a natural light.

Keep an eye out and for now, listen to “Smoke At The Party” at the link below:

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