Kayce – “Sleep” ft. MyCompiledThoughts

By: Seamus Fay

Here to make her Graduation Music debut via West Roxbury, an artist by the name of Kayce just delivered an incredible new single entitled “Sleep” featuring none other than MyCompiledThoughts. In essence, this track is a reflection on the trials and tribulations of a past relationship, but with the ample emotion that these two local talents contribute, it becomes more a vivid image than anything. And trust me, this is a must-listen offering for any fans out there.

Ridden throughout this single is a smooth R&B sound, lending itself to the inimitable skills that both Kayce and Thoughts hold. They complement one another’s style with a seamless chemistry, and by translating such vivid feeling into this single, fans get to see these skills on full display. Each of the two know how to bless the mic with vocals straight from the heart, with “Sleep” as direct proof.

That being said, listen to the latest from Kayce and MyCompiledThoughts at the link below:


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