By: Seamus Fay

If there are two people out of Boston that understand the culture best, it’s Reef and Sam Martin of STRAWS – just look at Reef’s mixes and Sam’s clothes for reference. Today, we get to see these knowledgeable powerhouses join forces in a soulful showcase of energy with their new mix simply entitled “STRAWS X REEF”. And let me tell you, this duo could not have picked a better soundtrack to communicate the waves that each hold in their own respects, so don’t sleep.

“STRAWS X REEF” is curated perfectly with vintage energy and a homely feel, making it one my personal favorites out of Reef’s extensive catalog of dope mixes at the moment. It’s one of the rare cases where the artwork for the track actually illustrates the sounds with seamless chemistry, and from the first second to the last, this mix is a cohesive masterpiece that everyone should hear in all of its soulful, groove-filled glory.

Read our interview with Reef here and read our interview with Sam here! Show some love and give the latest mix from STRAWS and REEF a listen below:


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