Maka – “Kool” [Prod. Maka]

By: Shamus Hill 

If there’s anyone coming correct this Spring, it’s the man himself, Maka. Following the release of “Look At U” featuring iWearDadJeans, Maka has unleashed yet another majestic record that will help you shake off that last bit of winter and transcend into the warmer months with ease.

“Kool” is an energetic, lively offering which will get you off your feet and dancing no matter where you’re at. The self-produced song samples Kool & The Gang’s hit record “Get Down On It”, which assists Maka in obtaining the joyous feeling from beginning to end.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Maka somehow found the perfect equation for making music that’s meant to be played on gorgeous, sunny days, and throughout his catalog, he has proven to master this sound to an emphatic extent. With this aspect on lock, it’s also worth mentioning that Maka’s discography basically became the soundtrack for my recent trip to San Juan, helping make a wonderful time that much better. It’s like you can almost feel the endorphins rushing towards your brain every time Maka whips up a new masterpiece, and “Kool” is no different.

Continuing a noteworthy 2018 with the release of “Kool”, Maka makes another tremendous stride towards cementing his spot amongst Boston’s current best artists. Stream the vibrant track below:

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