OG Swaggerdick – “F**k Gentrification”

By: Seamus Fay

No matter what role he assumes at a given moment, OG Swaggerdick is an incredibly unique artist in regards to his abilities as a natural performer. A renaissance man in and of himself, it’s always going to be a great day when we receive a new dose of this natural energy from the Boston native, and today, he unleashes this sentiment full force in his latest offering, “F**k Gentrification”. Fueled by the influx of people who consequently raise prices, fail to respect the culture of an area, and more, this song and video work together to tell us how Swaggerdick feels.

Spoiler alert, he’s not a fan. And I don’t blame him. “F**k Gentrification” may be a perfect example of OG’s role as someone who can always put on a show, but the fact of the matter is that gentrification is a serious problem, and this song is the anthem to soundtrack the moment. Backed by a ruthless, key-led melody and deeply-cut drums, we hear OG at his best, complemented by illustrative visuals courtesy of @Bt.Livin. All in all, this standout release definitely speaks for itself, so I’ll leave it there for you to check the video out for yourself.

Watch “F**k Gentrification” below:


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